We will use the following Hit Rules in all games played at the site. They have been designed to aid your safety and increase your enjoyment. If you do not use them you are cheating. Nobody in the airsoft community likes cheats!!

  • Any part of the body is to be declared as a hit, this includes fingers, toes anywhere! There is no body armour in Airsoft, thus helmets, rigs only offer pain relief.
  • When you are hit from a clean shot, you must clearly call “Hit” and return to the Safe Zone or the designated Regeneration Point. Raise your weapon above your head, to indicate to other players that you are hit and thus no longer a target. Calling out “Dead man walking” can also help identify that you are no longer a target.
  • Once hit you are deemed dead. Dead men do not talk or point. Once hit move to either the Safe Zone or the designated Regeneration point without telling your team mates where you took fire from or where the opposing player is. It takes skill to find good cover and concealment. Don’t ruin it by shooting out “he’s over there”. We consider this almost bad as not taking your hits both of which we consider cheating. You will be warned once and then asked to leave.
  • Firing should be controlled. One BB should be sufficient to kill. It does not take a magazine full to render an opposing player “dead”. Excessive hits will be classed as bullying and you will be asked to leave.
  • If you are caught cheating you will be asked to leave. We will not refund your money. Please take this seriously as we have a zero tolerance for cheating.

We do our best to make your time with us as enjoyable as possible. Your day’s enjoyment will be added to by fully observing the sites safety rules and hit rules. If you see someone not observing the rules please report him to a member of staff or a marshal.