Base camp, as it’s name implies is where you will start your day. Under a large covered area you will kit up and prepare for the games ahead. You will also return here between games.

That’s the time to replenish your magazines, reload your tac vest with more smoke granades or have a much needed drink or something to eat. If you need to work on your gun one of our staff will accompany you to the “fumble zone”¬† where you can carry out any repairs.

Over the lunch break we have battery charging facilities should you need them. You can also get hot food, hot and cold drinks or chocolate to “recharge your own battereies”.

From here you will be guided to one of our 4 main playing areas, Camps Alpha, Beta, Charlie and Delta each with its own set of challenges. Games are played in individual camps but camps can also be used together to offer the ultimate challenge. Check out the pages on the individual camps to see in more detail what the site has to offer.