Camp Alpha

Alpha camp is the largest of our playing fields and covers an area of almost 3 acres. The terrain here is mainly composed of dense woodland but there are also shallow trenches and a large natural bunker. A number of man-made barricades have been added to the area and this larger than normal playing field is extremely challenging no matter what your skill level. Players get the chance to see what it might have felt like for allied troops fighting in Malaya or US troops in the jungles of Vietnam. Here you will need all your skills from long range sniping, to CQB. A moment’s lapse of concentration could mean the difference between winning or losing.

Are you up for the challenge?

 Camp Bravo

Whilst not as large as Alpha camp the challenges here are just as difficult. The terrain is mostly flat and whilst woodland, like camp Alpha, the density of the woodland is less sparse. That means cover or concealment are not as easy to find. Here you can see your energy from much further away. But that also means they can see you! Here you have to really fight for every piece of ground that you take from the opposition and marksmanship is the name of the game.